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Olive Wood

Olive trees are an ancient species. The wood does not have rings to determine age as other trees do. The colour of the grain indicates age, older trees are darker and have more lines while young trees have a light-colour grain. A dark grain inside the trunk is the heart of the wood and is desirable for wood turning and carving.

The olive tree, Olea Europaea, is a small and very long-living species of tree found growing primarily in coastal Mediterranean regions. It was one of the first trees known to have been cultivated, having been grown for agricultural purposes in ancient Crete and Syria more than 5,000 years ago. The tree is most famous for its fruit and the oil produced from it. Among carpenters and furniture aficionados, however, the tree is just as famed for its high-quality wood.

In mythology the goddess Athena brought the olive tree to the Greeks as a gift in a competition with the god Poseidon. Zeus preferred Athena's idea. Athena's tree was planted on what is now known as the Acropolis, and the city of Athens was named for her.

All our wood is sourced from our dedicated olive wood saw mill in Southern Italy.


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